1. What are Smart Tel's services?
  Smart Tel provides long distance services that allow you to make and receive calls over any broadband or high speed cable or DSL connection.
We have smart 1542, smart ACCESS, smart VOICE, smart ROAM.
  • smart 1542
    Lets you enjoy international calls and reduce your IDD bills.
  • smart ACCESS
    Allows you to remain reachable on an assigned Singapore number using portable Smart Tel phone adapter to the Internet when you travel anywhere in the world.
  • smart VOICE
    Allows you to stay in touch with anyone, at home and abroad. Through a portable phone adapter, all you need is a broadband internet connection and a telephone to make local and overseas calls immediately. Relocate to anywhere in the world but you keep your number for life.
  • smart ROAM
    smart ROAM is consist of smart DIAL and smart REACH.
    • smart REACH
      smart REACH is our call forward service where you forward your voice calls on your mobile phone to a Smart Tel’s assigned #2 before departure from Singapore. You must inform Smart Tel of the destination’s prepaid/postpaid mobile number via www.smarttel.com.sg or hotline (3100-0031)
    • smart DIAL is our callback service where you dial a Smart Tel assigned #1 before dialing a destination number after hearing our system prompt
2. How are you different from the other service providers?
  Smart Tel gives you a very competitive ILD (International Long Distance) using cellular network rate compared to other telephone providers in any country in the world (based on Smart Tel destinations). Smart Tel has the best value to offer to long distance callers.
It gives you practically almost 25% discount equivalent to 80c/minute vs. the current $3.19/minute of ILD (with your regular telecom provider).
1. Are there connection/monthly fees?
  There is no connection fee.
With a low monthly subscription fee of S$5 (excluding GST) smart ACCESS or smart VOICE allows you to make & receive calls anywhere in the world.
Calls between smart ACCESS and smart VOICE will be charged at $0.05 per minute.
All outgoing calls to foreign countries will depend on the respective country IDD rates.
You can check our International Rates at www.smarttel.com.sg
2. Is there any difference between smart VOICE/smart ACCESS and regular landline/mobile phones in terms of voice quality?
  There is no difference in voice quality, as we are using the same voice technology as regular landline and mobile phone.
3. Can I make International calls using smart VOICE/smart ACCESS?
  Yes, you will be issued a permanent Singapore telephone number that can make/receive local calls and international calls at very affordable rates.
4. Can I do internet activity like surfing/emailing while using smart VOICE/smart ACCESS?
  Yes, you can do any internet activity while you are using smart VOICE.
5. Will my smart VOICE/smart ACCESS work if my broadband service is down?
  No. Since smart VOICE/smart ACCESS is dependent on broadband internet service, anything that might happen on your broadband service will affect our service. If the broadband service is down, smart VOICE/smart ACCESS will not work.
6. Can I use smart VOICE/smart ACCESS if my PC is turned off?
  For cable broadband users, yes you can use smart VOICE/smart ACCESS even if your pc is off. But if you're a DSL broadband user, you have to establish internet connection first from your PC in order to use smart VOICE/smart ACCESS.
7. How about IDD or cellphone calls?
  Yes, any smart VOICE/smart ACCESS user can make calls to over 200 destinations around the world to/from, both land/mobile phones.
8. Our local network has a firewall. Will smart VOICE service still work behind one?
  Yes, you should be able to use our services behind a firewall provided that it is properly configured to allow calling.
9. Our local network has a firewall. Will smart VOICE/smart ACCESS service still work behind one?
  Yes, you should be able to use our services behind a firewall provided that it is properly configured to allow calling.
10. How can I install the services at home?
  It's very easy. Each unit will be provided with a step by step instruction manual on how to set-up the service.
1. How can my friends call me in my Singapore mobile while Im abroad?
  smart REACH is our call forward service where you forward/divert your voice calls on your mobile phone to a Smart Tel assigned #2 before departure from Singapore. You must inform Smart Tel of the destination's prepaid/postpaid SIM card number via www.smarttel.com.sg or hotline (3100-0031).
2. I just came back to Singapore from an overseas trip, what do I do with my smart REACH?
  In order for you not to incur roaming charges while you're in Singapore, kindly cancel from your mobile all the call diverts. You will see this from your "call divert" functions on your mobile.
1. Will your services allow me to call even when I travel? Can I use the service outside Singapore?
  Definitely. This is what smart DIAL (Call Back) does. All you have to do is to divert all your voice calls to Smart Tel assigned # 1 before departure.
1. How long will my service be activated after payment?
  It will be activated within 3 working days. Our Customer Service Representative will call you to check your local access and then have your smart services activated.
2. How do I know if the services have been activated?
  A customer service will call you on your contact no within 3 working days after registration to inform you.
3. What is the maximum number of telephone numbers that I can apply as an individual applicant?
  There is no restriction in the number of telephone numbers which you can apply.
4. How do I add more numbers on my existing account?
You can call our customer service hotline at 3100-0031 to add the telephone/mobile numbers.
Please call your account manager to activate any new numbers.
5. How will my calls be charged?
  Long distance (domestic, international and mobile) calls are charged on a per minute basis. A fraction of a minute is considered one minute.
6. Will there be pre-termination fees if I disconnect my service within 1 year period?
  No, once your monthly bill is not settled within the next period, the services will be on hold until such time until your payment is settled.
1. How do I register for Smart Tel services?
  There are two ways on how you can register to Smart Tel:
Option 1: Register thru phone. Just call our hotline number 3100-0031.
Option 2: Register online at www.smarttel.com.sg then click on the “Register Now” link at the homepage.
Option 3: Register for prepaid smart 1542 at any AXS Station. To check the nearest location, please click HERE.
Option 4: Register thru our office located at 750A Chai Chee Road, #05-01 Technopark @ Chai Chee, Singapore 469001.
2. What are the requirements in subscribing to Smart Tel?
  For individual applicants: Singaporeans/Singapore Permanent Residents
1. Just a photocopy of NRIC
2. Complete registration form
For individual applicants: Foreigners
3. Just a photocopy of NRIC/Passport/FIN/Employment Pass
4. Complete registration form
5. Deposit for non Singaporean of $100 per line
For corporate accounts:
6. Just a photocopy of Company registration no.
7. Complete registration form
3. Do I need to pay for any deposit to apply for Smart Tel services?
  If you’re a Singapore Citizen/PR/Corporate, no need for any deposit. If you’re a foreigner living in Singapore, we will need S$100 deposit as part of our requirement.
4. Do I get a special rate if I register my number under a Corporate Account?
  Please contact our Customer Service Representative at 3100-0031. They will assign a Corporate Account Manager to service your company. And our Corporate Account Manager will quote the rates for your company.
5. What are the technical requirements in subscribing to smart VOICE?
  • Broadband internet connection (recommended speed of 256 kbps and above, to be able to do simultaneously any internet activity and smart VOICE call).
  • Functional PC Lan port (with LAN card). This means that if your PC does not have the above mentioned equipment you cannot connect to the DSL network hence you would not be able to enjoy this service. Please refer to your local computer store for such parts.
  • Smart Tel phone adapter
  • Any analog telephone set
6. Will I be buying the phone set from you or can I provide my own unit?
  You have the option to provide your own unit or you could choose from our pool of telephone units. Our basic telephone unit costs S$150 to S$225 for the phone with Caller Identification. Should you opt to get your phone from us, payment on the unit is required.
7. Can I subscribe even if I am not a DSL subscriber?
  No, this service is only available to broadband subscribers. You can subscribe as long as you have a broadband internet connection. We recommend a 256 kbps connection to enjoy both calling and surfing at the same time.
8. I have an existing landline that I cannot give up. What is the use of having Smart Tel services?
  You don’t have to give up your existing line. With Smart Tel you get very, very low ILD rates compared to other providers. With very affordable ILD rates, you can call your love ones abroad as often as you want.
9. Can I transfer my existing account to my family/friends? Do I have to pay for anything?
  No. Your existing account cannot be transferred to your family/friends.
10. What countries can I call using Smart Tel services?
  With Smart Tel’s services, you can do outbound calls to over 200 countries in the world. Click here to check our rates for more destinations.
• Australia
• Bangladesh
• China
• France
• Germany
• Hong Kong
• India
• Indonesia
• Italy
• Japan
• Malaysia
• New Zealand
• Philippines
• Taiwan
• Thailand
• United Kingdom
• U.S.A.
* Includes all calls to mobile and landline.
1. What should I do if I encounter problems with Smart Tel services (local & overseas)
  You may call our Customer Service hotline at +65 3100-0031 from 9:00am to 6:00pm Mondays to Fridays(Excluding Public Holidays). You may also e-mail us at feedback@smarttel.com.sg and we will get back to you.
1. I often travel, can I change my overseas no. in more than 1 country? How do I inform you?
  Yes you can. Please change your overseas number at our website. Alternatively, you may call our customer service representative at +65 3100-0031.
2. I have forgotten to divert my calls to the Call forwarding number and I am currently overseas, can I do the call divert now?
  No. You cannot divert to the Call Forwarding number that was assigned to you when you’re already outside Singapore. Diverting of calls must be done in Singapore can be done even a few hours before you leave Singapore.
3. How can I get my account no?
You can log in at our website www.smarttel.com.sg and click “LOG-IN” at the homepage section. If you forgot your password, just click on the “forgot password”.
1. How will you bill me?
  A statement of account will be mailed to you every month according to your registered address on the application form.
2. How do I log online to view my account records?
  Just log online at www.smarttel.com.sg then click on the “LOG-IN” link at the homepage.
3. How do I make payments?
  Credit Card Payment
Using your credit/debit card, the most convenient way to pay your monthly bill is to do it online. You just have to log in at our website www.smarttel.com.sg
AXS Station via NETS/CashCard Payment
Simply visit any AXS Station to pay your bills. Please don’t forget to bring your bill/payment slip to refer to your account no.
GIRO Payment
Simply download the GIRO form HERE and make your payments via your bank.
Smart Tel’s bank details are:
OCBC BANK ACCOUNT NO. 501828602001 (SG $)
OCBC BANK ACCOUNT NO. 501176770301 (US $)
Cash Payment
If you’re in Singapore, you can visit any AXS machine to pay your bills and also to Topup your account. Please click here to check the nearest AXS machine to your area. You can also drop by at 100 Beach Road, #20-04 Shaw Tower, Singapore 189702 and pay directly to our cashier.
Cheque Payment
You can send us your check thru mail or personally pay at our Cashier at 100 Beach Road, #20-04 Shaw Tower, Singapore 189702. Please make the cheque payable to SINGAPORE SMART TELECOMMUNICATIONS PTE LTD.
4. How do I get receipts online?
  A transaction number will be given to you after you’ve successfully paid online. You can also check your records by logging in at our website at www.smarttel.com.sg and all payment transaction details will be indicated as well.

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